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Mastering the Art of Painting Skin

Monica Cook (left), assisting Nneka Jones (right)

Recently, I have discovered the stereotype associated with painting skin. Many usually associate the concept of skin with human skin, forgetting that the term 'skin' is a very broad and expansive term. My recent experience at the skin painting workshop hosted by Monica Cook at the University of Tampa has made me more aware of the complex nature of the term skin.

The workshop spanned over three days from April 6th to April 8th. Our assignment required us to focus on the skin of a chicken, yes, a chicken! Cook demonstrated her skin painting techniques that work best for her paintings of both the human skin and animal skin.

I must say, this was a very eye opening experience and a chance to be a part of something new and different. The workshop allowed us to receive one on one help while learning in an environment that was community based.

Thank you to Monica and the University of Tampa Art Department for such an amazing opportunity.

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