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QR Code Series

This series features three contemporary paintings by Nneka Jones. Each painting combines portraiture and symbolism with a powerful message on entitlement, consent and identity.

The QR Code Series uses the organic outlines of female figures and pairs it with contrasting geometric shapes created by a QR code. In a time where digital convenience is constantly evolving, QR codes are often readily and openly available for scanning to obtain information.

However, these QR codes are unique in that they require you to get permission/ consent before obtaining any personal information about these women. If a viewer attempted to scan these images, the codes would not work.

Currently on display at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Access Denied


Invasion of Privacy

Access Denied_NnekaJones_Painting_Activist_Art
Invasion of Privacy_Painting_BlackArt_Activistart_NnekaJones_ArtYouHungry
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