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Trinidad is a melting pot of rich cultures, festivals, ethnicities and diverse groups, all of which have influenced Nneka Jones’ identity and artwork. The Caribbean soil is where the seeds of her artistic roots were first sowed. As the youngest of four children she immersed herself in exploring her natural talents. Jones was fascinated with drawing, painting and sculpting portraits of women and notable Caribbean figures. In 2016, after placing first in the Caribbean for Art and Design Examinations, Jones saw an opportunity to further her art education in the United States and made the difficult decision to leave family and friends behind to pursue her art career.

The twenty-five-year old artist graduated with a BFA and minor in Marketing from the University of Tampa in May 2020.

 She has since blossomed into a multidisciplinary, activist artist working in mixed media, embroidery, paint, etc. 


One of her most notable achievements was a commission from TIME magazine to produce the cover artwork for the August 31st/ September 7th issue 2020. Her work has since been acquired by the Tampa Museum of Art, FL, Florida Craft Art Gallery, FL, The Ferman Center for the Arts, FL and many other private and public collectors. She uses her artwork as a tool to advocate for the protection of women and girls of color and is most known for her realistic embroidered portraits with lasting impressions but continues to be open and experimental in her practice.

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My Portfolio

GFA- Top Award Winner


2022, 2021 + 2020

AUG 2020

Awarded Best of Show 2022 (1st place), the Board of Directors award in 2021, (2nd place) and the Roddy Brownlee Reed, Award of Artistic Excellence in 2020 (3rd place) out of over 240 local, national and international artists.

Commissioned by TIME Magazine to produce the cover of the special issue curated by Pharrel Williams, "The New American Revolution". Each detail was hand embroidered to create the American Flag.

ADOBE MAX- Keynote Speaker 

OCT 2020

Guest Speaker at Adobe MAX 2020 amongst the best in the creative industry.

Resume: Resume
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